Windows 8: my proposal for a new layout

Many people do not likes Windows 8 UI, I think it’s because there are two separated environment: DESKTOP and TOUCH. My idea to redesign Windows 8 starts by here: create a unique environment for tablet and desktop. You can dowload a more complete documentation (with a mockup) can be dowloaded here NewLayoutWin8, in this page I’ll do a synthesis…


The bottom bar returns, it contains: Start button, Show Desktop button and active applications. On the background there are again icons but in windows 8 style.


An application can be swiped to open it in a part of screen, then it can be resized with fingers.


Also a full screen application can be swiped in a part of screen.


Pressing Start Button for few seconds (or connecting keyboard and mouse) will cause windows will switch to desktop mode. Start menu’ contains tiles like before but it’s not visualized for default (it’ will be shown pressing start button)

In this UI layout, x86 applications and tiles applications can live together.

The only real difference between a tablet and a desktop is that in the tablet mode the screen is divided in some resizable areas, in the desktop mode we have windows again.